On Healing

I’m really not much of a social media person, but on Instagram, I follow Elena Brower, yoga teacher and amazing human. Today I saw a meme she posted that said this:

4 things to remember during moments of inner turbulence and tough emotion.

do not hide from what you are feeling

this current discomfort is not permanent

rest is an important way to calm the mind

struggle can be a space of deep growth”

–yung pueblo

If you happen to be struggling right now, please re-read that quote. That quote contains all that I have learned in the past ten years of studying yoga, trauma, and healing. In a few words: feel your feelings; I promise it won’t be this way forever; learn how to truly rest; this pain can teach you so much.

I will continue to explore all those ideas on this site, but here are a few other thoughts on this for now.

  1. When I was struggling, I felt like I had no guide/map, no information or wisdom to help me understand what this pain even was or how to navigate it. My initiation into the field of healing and yoga actually came from little glimpses of wisdom such as this in the form of ideas and memes shared on social media. They were like little sparks of light in the dark, but they created a starting point.
  2. There is a veritable plethora of wisdom on these topics if you know where to look. Women like Elena Brower (yoga teacher), Sadie Nardini (yoga teacher), Elizabeth Gilbert (writer), Brene Brown (researcher), Aviva Romm (women’s health doctor) and Hala Khouri (trauma specialist) are doing incredible work in the field of emotional pain, trauma, and stress management. This is a time for women’s voices; they are there and infinitely helpful if we know where to look and how to listen (so get thee to a nunnery and all that).

Trust this pain you are feeling. Let it be there. You got this.

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